Buying Pixel C In 2017?

Pixel C is one the latest tablet that is released by Google in 2015. The tablet itself is considerably pretty big and heavy for most tablets, but the performance is really special since everything packed in the inside is beast. Now, we are not talking about the further detail about it, but soon we would talk about it in the next session.  The question now, is it the device is still worth in the 2017? Well, the answer is yes because the performance is still better than most of tablet in this year. You are going to know pretty much soon because we are going to talk about more
details on it.pixel c on the left


The specs itself for a tablet is really powerful. For the processor itself it is powered by Nvidia Tegra X1 which is probably the most powerful chipset in 2015. Even know if you try to compare it with latest one from Qualcomm, the performance is not too different and Tegra is likely win on gaming since the driver is coming from Nvidia.  The RAM on the inside is using 2 GB and combined with 32 GB or 64 GB storage. Those storage and RAM are more than enough to store hundred books or apps.  One thing that I really love from this tablet is the screen. The display is really vivid and having great angle view. You don’t have to worry to using it under the sun since the screen is pretty much bright even on the lower setting. The resolution is another big thing since the pixel itself is 308 and the resolution at 2560 x 1800. Means that you will get a 2K display here.

Operating System

Out of the box, the operating system which is installed is Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow without any single bloatware.  Everything is clear without any unnecessary app expect the one that is coming from Google.  You can also delete some of their apps if you don’t want it. The Google really strict in putting the app on the inside and they really make sure everything installed is needed by people. You also need to know that Google is supporting the OS update for more than 2 years from the update and it means that you are able to get the latest software as soon as it released. You are going to love it when are considering to buy this one.  Enjoy it
By Admin Last updated: 1 June 2017, 03:44