Some Guides On Grilling Vegetables

Grilling or smoking meats sometimes could be pretty big problem. First, buying a good meat is not something which is cheap to get. You basically need to spend of your money for more than 50 dollars for a good meat.  That is actually not that something that much to afford, but what are you going to do if you do it for every week? I guess it would be troublesome for your pocket. The only thing that we could do he here is finding another good alternative to be grilled. It could be fish, vegetables and even eggs.

I personally prefer to grill vegetables for some reasons. The main reason why I prefer to grill the vegetables is because of the price. You have to know that we always do grilling every week and we always prefer little portion of meat. That is not going to be enough for the entire of family. At the end, we end up of grilling some vegetables and put it on our hamburger. That is not bad as long as we could keep doing this activity.  If you are at the same boat like me, then I have prepared some guides in order to perfect grill of your vegetables all of the time.


Grilling mushroom could be pretty troublesome because the skin is going to be dried if you do not put anything on it. Here, you cannot just drill it plain and you have to put some ingredients on it.   The best way to do it is by using some oil based marinade and use it to cover all of it is skin. Then, you just need to put it on your grill grate. Larger mushroom could be cut on some slices or you could just leave it there with if you deal with the small one.  The cooking process is faster to do, you just need to wait for around 6 minutes until it is ready to be served. Always remember to heat it on the high temperature because it will taste better.


Any eggplant is good enough, but I really recommend to choose one which is slender and long enough for the best result.  Here, you just have to see until the skin is brown enough and having a good texture. You could know when it is ready poking of its skin. Remember that you only need to smoke the skin and not the entire of them. That is the only way for getting the smoky flavor.  The process is taking much time to do, the whole process is done on 20 minutes until its ready. When it is ready to be served, leave all of its skin and then serve it on your plate. That is pretty much easy to do right.


Onion is probably one of the best one for this case.  I always grill it on my Masterbuilt smoker and it is always turned to be good.  What I have done here is cutting the onion into some quarters. You could cut everything, but just leave the root intact. Then, make it ready by giving some oil on it and then grill it for around 15 minutes until the skin is charred.  You could try it by yourself and see if it is working nicely with your taste.

The steps that I am going to tell would work with any pepper including the chile and bell one. There is not too many things that you have to do here where you just have to grill it until its dark.  Just make sure that you do not forget to grill of its bottom and tops for this case.  Each small pepper should be done for around 4 minutes and could take longer with the larger one.

Put some of your best ingredient and never leave it plain. I personally love add some sweet taste on it, but it is just my personal preference. You could make it like you want as long as it’s good for you.

Final Thought

Those are my experience that I have done and everything that I know on grilling vegetables.  There are lots of things that you have to try since there are so many vegetables that we do not know, but it tastes really good when it’s grilled.  Grilling vegetables is not something that easy to do. I basically make lots of mistakes when I have done it for the first time. I thought that every vegetable should be done or taking care in the same way. I end up knowing that every vegetable should be done nicely on the right manner.  I just hope that my experience would be working nicely to you and I also hope you can make something really good with this article.
By Admin Last updated: 12 August 2017, 10:18