Why Sony And Microsoft Choose AMD Over Nvidia?

It’s been pretty much interesting to see how both Sony and Microsoft cooperate with AMD in creating the processor for their console. We really know that they are working really well on making a great powerful power on PS3 and Xbox and why they leave Nvidia if everything is working well. Well, everything not working too good even on their launch. Everything seems working really good on their both launch, but everything is changed after few months where many users reported some issue on heating on their console. It is not happen on some cases, but all of them are infected by that problem. Then it would lead to both company released an enhance version of it for many times. I would tell you some reasons what they should stick with AMD

Console Is Not Just For Gaming

We have seen that many gamers are expecting much from their console where they want not only for gaming, but also as the source of media entertainment. They want a Youtube, Netflix and some sorts of important apps for them. I personally don’t really care about it, but it would be different for majority consumers that are dominated by young people.  This case pushed the company to provide and to do it easier they need the same processor that has the same architecture like PC which is X86. And now tell which the company is that good on this case? The answer is AMD. They have successful on making great processor and GPU, so they don’t have to worry for this case. It’s different where Nvidia is good on GPU, but they lack of experience on making x86 processor.

Hardware Problem

Choosing a processor from one company and choose a GPU from also another company sometimes would lead the case to a problem. This is where the heating problem is started.  The company decided to use separated processor and graphic card that leads the console to get heating problem. Actually the temperature is pretty normal for the PC, but console is difference and they are not able to handle it. As the result, there are thousands of people that reporting the console is suddenly turning of itself after only few months of usage. Microsoft and Sony have suffered a financial problem an they don’t want the problem is happened with their console, so it’s better to stick with the right company.
By Admin Last updated: 8 June 2017, 02:21