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Having more Friend through Self-Improvement

It is pleasant for people to have so many friends. Friends can give the help when people need something. Even if people have the family, they also need the friends since there are some things can be gained from the family but there are some things too can be gained from a kind of friendship. Based on that reason, it is better for you to be the extrovert instead of becoming the introvert one. Has the great number of friends can make more colorful life actually. 

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Nevertheless, getting as much as possible friends is not as easy as saying it. Sometimes there are the problems with that. At first, we cannot make a friendship with anyone since there are some criteria must be noticed when you are choosing a friend. At the same time, the ability for opening a relation with anyone also is needed since people cannot start the friendship without opening the relationship itself. One way for getting more friends can be presented through the self-improvement. 

Every people commonly have the different characteristic. Maybe you can find two persons who have the similar characteristics but that is the rare case. Based on that reason, to take the self-improvement you can start by getting more knowledge about the various characteristics of people. By understanding the variations you then can make a right decision about facing the specific person and creating the friendship relation with some different people. 

The different characteristic of people must be faced in the different way. Some people will like to hear the certain joke but the joke will make other people will different characteristics angry. Because of that, it will be needed too the skill of detecting the characteristic of people faced. By analyzing people in front of you then you can choose the right way for facing it. Finally you can success in making the relation with people. 

Then, the idea about getting more friends through self-improvement also can be practiced by changing your temperament. People who have the easiness for getting angry will get the friend more difficult than the humorist people. Just try to be humorist and you will find that so many people feel easy to be your friend. To be the humorist is hard sometimes but you can start by trying to listen and laugh more jokes than before. In some cases that can really help. 

Through self-improvement people can get more friends. One way for gaining that purpose is by becoming more humorist people. 

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