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Why Sony And Microsoft Choose AMD Over Nvidia?

It’s been pretty much interesting to see how both Sony and Microsoft cooperate with AMD in creating the processor for their console. We really know that they are working really well on making a great powerful power on PS3 and Xbox and why they leave Nvidia if everything is working well. Well, everything not working too good even on their launch. Everything seems working really good on their both launch, but everything is changed after few months where many users reported some issue on heating on their console. It is not happen on some cases, but all of them are infected by that problem. Then it would lead to both company released an enhance version of it for many times. I would tell you some reasons what they should stick with AMD

Console Is Not Just For Gaming

We have seen that many gamers are expecting much from their console where they want not only for gaming, but also as the source of media entertainment. They want a Youtube, Netflix and some sorts of important apps for them. I personally don’t really care about it, but it would be different for majority consumers that are dominated by young people.  This case pushed the company to provide and to do it easier they need the same processor that has the same architecture like PC which is X86. And now tell which the company is that good on this case? The answer is AMD. They have successful on making great processor and GPU, so they don’t have to worry for this case. It’s different where Nvidia is good on GPU, but they lack of experience on making x86 processor.

Hardware Problem

Choosing a processor from one company and choose a GPU from also another company sometimes would lead the case to a problem. This is where the heating problem is started.  The company decided to use separated processor and graphic card that leads the console to get heating problem. Actually the temperature is pretty normal for the PC, but console is difference and they are not able to handle it. As the result, there are thousands of people that reporting the console is suddenly turning of itself after only few months of usage. Microsoft and Sony have suffered a financial problem an they don’t want the problem is happened with their console, so it’s better to stick with the right company.
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Buying Pixel C In 2017?

Pixel C is one the latest tablet that is released by Google in 2015. The tablet itself is considerably pretty big and heavy for most tablets, but the performance is really special since everything packed in the inside is beast. Now, we are not talking about the further detail about it, but soon we would talk about it in the next session.  The question now, is it the device is still worth in the 2017? Well, the answer is yes because the performance is still better than most of tablet in this year. You are going to know pretty much soon because we are going to talk about more
details on it.pixel c on the left


The specs itself for a tablet is really powerful. For the processor itself it is powered by Nvidia Tegra X1 which is probably the most powerful chipset in 2015. Even know if you try to compare it with latest one from Qualcomm, the performance is not too different and Tegra is likely win on gaming since the driver is coming from Nvidia.  The RAM on the inside is using 2 GB and combined with 32 GB or 64 GB storage. Those storage and RAM are more than enough to store hundred books or apps.  One thing that I really love from this tablet is the screen. The display is really vivid and having great angle view. You don’t have to worry to using it under the sun since the screen is pretty much bright even on the lower setting. The resolution is another big thing since the pixel itself is 308 and the resolution at 2560 x 1800. Means that you will get a 2K display here.

Operating System

Out of the box, the operating system which is installed is Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow without any single bloatware.  Everything is clear without any unnecessary app expect the one that is coming from Google.  You can also delete some of their apps if you don’t want it. The Google really strict in putting the app on the inside and they really make sure everything installed is needed by people. You also need to know that Google is supporting the OS update for more than 2 years from the update and it means that you are able to get the latest software as soon as it released. You are going to love it when are considering to buy this one.  Enjoy it
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I think what I’m going to say has been represented by everyone on the review section. However, knowing that review is very “important” in Amazon and I also was helped by reviews on this product, I’ll try to summarize what I have got from this SkyTech computer. Alright, let’s start from the reason why I need a brand new computer so that I ended up buying this computer set. I was pretty much looking for a computer that has a capability in running games that my mates play in their computer. I was previously trying to install games that were played by them but my computers is not strong enough to run such games with big data and require tons of RAM. Some games did work on my previous PC but with a very low FPS which is pretty much explaining why I’m looking for a new one. Another thing to be known that I couldn’t spend more than $800 since I was running out of money at that time. I thought I was going to have a hard time to find smooth new computer with that budget but luckily I found this thread on the Amazon. So far, I was quite satisfied with all the specs that I’ve got from this computer. Not bad for $500 computer. To give more detailed review please look at below. Read this gaming pc under 500.

Internal Hard Disk: Checked

Since I want to install some games such as Dark Souls 3, The latest Witcher, and GTA V as well, there are some specs that should appears in the computer. First, I need an internal hard disk space that is able to keep all the games. 1 TB offers from this computer is I believe more than enough even for big games. So, on this spec I am very pleased since it is 1 TB. However, sometimes what has been told on the ads is not the same with the reality. Have no worries since it is a real I TB.
gaming computer under 500

Videp Card:Checked

Alright, one spec has satisfied me now let’s talk about other specs that also as important as internal hard disk. In gaming, video card is very crucial since it is able to turn games that run at 10 FPS into 100 FPS. So yeah, I want to avoid laggy games since most games that I’d love to play can be a pain in the ass if it starts to lag. Fortunately, the video card which is offered in this computer set is pretty awesome which is the GTX750 TI 2GB Video Card  (just copied it from the thread haha). I’m not really into this kind of thing but my friends said that with that type of video card, I am going to have some fun playing some big games with an ultra-setting. So yeah, this spec is basically the main attraction for me.


However, video card was not the only important thing that I cared about since my friend said that I also need a good size RAM in order to play it even smoother. So, the next thing that I checked is the RAM size. At first I was a bit disappointed since it only provides 8 GB with DDR 3 but as soon as I installed GTA V in my computer, everything just went well so I guess 8 GB ram is not becoming a big deal. Although some of my friends advised me to add additional RAM into my brand new computer, I’m going to stick with the default built since I have no issue whatsoever with this built. So, although not really satisfy, the RAM size is a nice thing to have.

Price and Design:Checked

The biggest concern for me when I looked at the specs of this computer is actually the OS. Yes, it is true that I am one of the people that prefer the Windows 7 instead of the new one which is the Windows 10. There reason is pretty simple which is basically the compatibility with all the games that I want to play. The compatibility issue has been very famous on the internet lately which has raised my concern regarding to this matter. However, I tried to hide my fear and decided to get this computer since those awesome specs instead of the Windows 10 operating system. The result is not bad where all games run flawlessly in this computer. So no problem is encountered with the windows 10 OS.
Another thing that becomes my concern whilst I was searching for a brand new computer is the USB ports. Yes, this is also an issue in my previous computer since it didn’t have enough ports to plug my additional tools in my computer. Well, at least four USBs is fine with me since I need it for both mouse and keyboard and the other two are for joysticks. Fortunately, this computer provides 6 ports instead of 4 ports so, again, I was pretty pleased with the spec. However, at first, some of the USB ports just failed to work but after I did several checks, it turned out to be my own mistakes that haven’t configuring the ports correctly.
The last thing that becomes my concern is actually consisting of two things. The first one is the price since I am a “price sensitive” person hence every dollar that I have saved is a pleasure on my side. Since my budget is pretty tight, less than $800 would work for me. Later on, I found this computer with less than $500 price and it made me rethink to get this computer. Comparing with other computers with similar specs, I found out that this computer appears to be the cheapest with all of those awesome laptop specs of cheap best gaming laptop under 500. Another thing I’d love to consider before getting a new computer is basically the chasing. Yes, pretty simple right but it really matters to me. At a first glance, I just fell in love with the design which show a bit of futuristic and cool at the same time. In conclusion, this computer is more awesome than you think!
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